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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  October 17, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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leaders inside. they have been negotiating all night long. they are still in talks this morning. ktvu's tara moriarty outside the building waiting for word. hopefully, wouldn't that be nice if we got a deal sometime in the next hour or so? but we have had a couple of people, we have seen a couple of people come out, stretch their legs. it's quite a marathon negotiation session and we are keeping an eye on that. thank you for joining us. thursday, also known as friday eve, brian would say, october 17th. i am pam cook cook. >> i am brian flores. dave clark has the day off today. let's get a look at weather and traffic. steve paulsen is here. sunny this whole week? >> no doubt about it. some fog is trying to make a little bit of a push, but it's going more north to south than it is west to east. but so far the wind barbs, if you will, be showing an offshore breeze. nice to warm. maybe a slight cooldown by the coast instead of those 80s, more 70s. high pressure doesn't want to let go right now. that's for sure. it might back off a little bit,
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but not before we have temperatures close to yesterday's readings. 40s for some. 59 in san francisco. so there is another -- there you go. that's another very warm, mild morning. we will go 79 today. this is a tricky forecast because if the wind turns westerly this will come down to 73 or 72. santa rosa a cold morning. we will go 41 with a high of 81. but temperatures are again very close. a little system came by and there is a lot of tropical clouds working our way towards us. mild to warm temperatures inland. we are way above average and things are really stuck. so that means a lot of upper 70s, mid 70s for some, but low 80s for others. here ale sal. good morning. we are looking at a commute that looks pretty good. as a matter of fact, we are looking at westbound bay bridge. it is now. trying to get into the city, people have been asking has there been more traffic on the bay bridge with all of this
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uncertainty surrounding the trains and the answer is no. i think people wake up. they turn us on here. they find out that the trains are running and then they keep their schedule or their routine. this morning the trains are running. you will hear more about negotiations in just a moment. let's talk about the commute here on secretary of state 880. the -- on interstate 880. it is a nice looking drive with no major problems. if you are driving on 580 the traffic looks good into castro valley. 5:02 back to you. we begin with the continuing coverage of the bart labor dispute. marathon contract talks that began yesterday morning continue at this hour. as sal mentioned, we know bart trains will run again today. tara moriarty joins us live from downtown oakland where we hope they are closer to getting a deal done? >> it feels like deja vu, doesn't it? we don't know how close or far apart these two sides are. we have been waiting for any sign of movement here outside
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of the caltrans headquarters building, but everything is basically a false alarm. we did notice around 2:00 this morning bart's lead negotiator tom hawk stepped out to take a break. they said that more progress was being made when his replacement, bart's general manager, spearheaded talks the past few days. last night a federal mediator stepped out about 10:00 to make this announcement. >> negotiations have been continuing. the parties are totally engaged. some progress has been made the parties have authorized me, as they have on the two prior nights, to advise that on their interest and for the good of the public interest trains will be running for the day tomorrow. >> reporter: we don't know the exact details of the contracts on the table because there is a gag order in place. union leaders warn the labor talks could still break down.
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the threat of a strike is obviously unnerving to tens of thousands of bart riders who rely on mass transit. we will keep you posted and let you know if we hear anything. >> we certainly hope those talks don't break down. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. we will monitor the ongoing bart talks. you can get updates on the air, online, and of course on twitter and on facebook. a strike by ac transit workers has been averted. governor brown postponed it jed with a seven-day delay and appointed a board to investigate the dispute. now, after investigating the board could recommend a 60-day cooling off period. three weeks ago union members voted down the second of 210tive agreements. >> since that point we have not gotten word from the union as to what exactly was wrong with that contract or what more they want. >> we want a negotiated contract that gives us a raise that after medical payments is a real raise. >> they say without concessions it will have to raise fares.
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there was a negotiation session last night, but no new talks are scheduled. san francisco police are investigating a stabbing outside a bar. that happened at 2:00 this morning right in front of a bar on 26th and mission streets. police say a fight between one man and five others led to the stabbing. the man was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. several people are now in custody. time now 5:05. investigators in santa clara county are searching for the cause of an early morning house fire in campbell. it started 1:30 this morning at a home on el morrow drive. everyone made it out of the house safely, but the fire caused an estimated $100,000 damage. developing news now. the driver of a stolen car crashed into a building in oakland this morning. ktvu's jeanine dela vega is there with the seen with what happened. >> reporter: we're here at mlk
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and 29th street close to the oakland-berkeley border. you can see this metal roll-up door has been torn down. you can see there is damage here of a black vehicle that was inside. this is a car storage place. a car came barreling in here causing all of this damage. let's go to video that we took earlier. here is the suspect car. it's a white chrysler new yorker that an officer spotted just after 3 a.m. speeding near west street and west mcarthur. an officer saw it. he saw it turn. they are not calling this a chase. he didn't pursue it. next thing he heard was an alarm going off and that was the alarm to this warehouse. he saw smoke. he then saw the suspect try to get out of the car and run away and that's when the officer started yelling commands for him to stop. the officer ended up deploying his taser. we're told that the suspect did sustain some injuries and he
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was transported to the hospital. but in all this they did find out that the white new yorker that crashed through here, that the suspect was driving, was a stolen vehicle. so as i mentioned the suspect is now at the hadn't, but he will be arrested for hit-and-run as well as possession of a stolen vehicle. reporting live from oakland, janine dela vega, chemical weapon channel 2 news. one million government furloughed workers will be back on the job today after congress passed a last-minute deal to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling. here in the bay area that means 3,000 people who work at the domes federal building in oakland will be returning. that's welcome news to the shops and restaurants in downtown oakland that depend on restaurants for the workers. and? san jose the irs office will be staffed again after being shut down for the last 16 days. coming up at 5:15 the new budget deadlines ahead for congress. it will be easier to buy homes now that the government is back in business. loan processing is expected to
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pick up. during the shutdown many federal housing administration loans were stalled and the irs could not verify important information needed to push deals through. also, all of the national parks and monuments that closed when the government shutdown happened are now opened, including alcatraz island. starting today people will be able to buy tickets to tour alcatraz for the first time in two weeks. the first tour will resume at 8 had 5:00 this morning. and campgrounds at yosemite have reopened. during the shutdown national parks as a whole lost an average of 715,000 visitors at a cost of $76 million per day. now that the government is back in business the u.s. geological survey is once again fully staffed. the interior department closed nearly all of the usgs offices during the shutdown, including the menlo park office. the great shakeout happens today. it is an earthquake drill designed to help people prepare for a ground-shaking disaster.
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millions of californians will practice the drop, cover and hold on technique. drop to the ground, take cover under a desk or table, and hold on to something sturdy during an earthquake. bay area cities, schools and businesses will be taking part at 10:17 a.m. 10:17 because it was october 17th, the day of the loma prieta earthquake in 1989. 63 people died in that quake. scientists say lives could have been saved if early warning systems were in place. it needs more than $80 million in funding. >> it would save lives. it will save infrastructure. it will save money. it will make our state more resilient. >> the network of seismic sensors would take five years to build but it could provide a 20-second warning before the shaking begins. coming up, some new rules for facebook.
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how those rules will affect teenagers and their friends. . one nation under god. it never was. >> the bizarre moment in the house of representatives during the vote to reopen the government. and nothing crazy in traffic right now. as a matter of fact, it looks pretty gad on northbound 280 coming up to highway 17. clear skies and it's very mild. in fact, it's 59 along the ferry building. will this warm pattern continue or will the fog make a little bit of a push and cool us down?
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time is 5:12. minutes to spare before the deadline congress avoided a potential economic catastrophe. the hugs voted to support the senate's plan to raise the debt ceiling and reopen the government. ktvu's kyla campbell is in the washington, d.c. newsroom to explain how california lawmakers voted and what is next for the fiscal fight. >> reporter: the bay area's congressional democrats all voted in favor of the resolution. >> the motion is adopted. >> reporter: and there was enough republican support to increase the nation's borrowing limit until early february and fund the government through mid january. now both parties in both chambers are also required to have a budget blueprint in place by mid december to cover the
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next ten years. >> there is a lot of work ahead of us, including our need to earn back the trust of the american people that has been lost over the last few weeks. >> reporter: they will have to work to fund the government by january 15th. it's the start of an election year, which begs the question will democrats be willing to cut back on entitlement spending? will republicans and the tea party be willing to compromise with democrats am the president -- and the president and risk losing their seats? i am working on that story for you. that's coming up at 6:15. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. so what did the 16-day-long federal government shutdown cost us taxpayers? $24 billion according to an estimate from standard and poor's. $24 billion amounts to two weeks of unemployment benefits. that's also the cost of two years of school lunch programs or 33% of what the country spends on food stamps every year. there was a bizarre moment last night on the floor of the
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house of representatives. during the vote and the government shutdown. >> this is not one nation under god. it never was. >> a long-time house stenographer took to the podium and began shouting about god and freemasons. people who know her say she is well liked and usually very calm, but she was taken to a hospital for evaluation. hundreds of saint a clara university employees have signed an online petition against the university's plan to drop elective abortion coverage. last week the university said it will no longer provide health insurance coverage to its employees for elective abortions. last night several faculty members protested the decision outside a forum on the topic. loyola university made a similar decision. two teenagers missing have been found. san jose police say 16-year-old madeline and 13-year-old emily were found with their biological mother yesterday.
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their father said this they had gone missing on sunday. police are calling this a decision pout over custody of the girls. they say no charges will be filed, though, because no crime took place. we also have a follow-up to a story we told you about earlier this week. we are now hearing from that couple in san francisco after their car was stolen with their two young children inside. mckay and stephanie thomas had just moved to the bay area from utah six months ago. they were visiting a relative in the mission district tuesday night when they left their car parked in the street with the engine running. their 3-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son were asleep in the back seat. as they stood just a few feet away a woman jumped into the car and took off. the car was found about a half an hour later with the two children unharmed. >> i was waving my hands, you know, stop, stop! but she just kept accelerating. i got hit by the car and i was thrown onto the hood and then i rolled off onto the road. >> i was freaking out yelling, you know, my kids! the kids are in the car.
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>> pretty dramatic scene. but the children slept through the whole ordeal and the car thief, unfortunately, was able to to get away. >> very lucky. wow. >> my goodness. i can't imagine. time now 5:16. let's go to sal. sounds like it's quiet out there right now? >> so far anyway. we are hoping it will stay this way on the roads. let's go take a look at what we have. the traffic is going to be doing pretty well if you are driving on the bay bridge commute approach westbound 80. that looks nice from richmond and into berkeley. so far things change as we get closer to six. if you are an early commuter i think you will get a nice commute here. also, the morning commute looks good on westbound bay bridge approach. there are in major problems as i look for my clicker. here it is. let's go to the maps and the traffic is moving along pretty well. traffic is looking good on highway 101 all the way up into sunnyvale and continuing into the mountain view area. if you are coming in over the
5:18 am
mountains in the valley, it looks good in the santa cruz mountains. 5:17. hello, steve. >> i do that myself. where is my clicker. >> if we do this and your garage door goes up, it's your fault. clear skies. temperatures close to yesterday. a maybe a slight cooldown, although i am wrestling with it because the fog is out there but it's not making much of a push and there is an easterly breeze. very warm in the city. i am seeing 58 to 62 degrees and there is no west wind yet. 40s for some. 50s for others. 59 in san francisco, although 62 westport al. it's really mild. we will probably get a couple of 30s, although the lows are a little bit warmer. 45 ukiah. they made it to the 30s. we actually had had a high cloud in california yesterday. it didn't last long. now the fog is out there. you kind of see it in the grey. i know you have to squint a little bit because it's early. it's out there. it's going north to south. there is a lot of high clouds here. these will dive towards
5:19 am
southern california. there is plenty of energy coming into the allusions. the typhoon in japan is moving into the bering sea. this is a lot of energy that comes across the pacific. we will keep an eye on us. it may enhance the system and could be a possibility of rain for next week. there is a lot of energy. the forecast models never handle that well. until then, we have plenty of time. it will be sunny. maybe a slight cooldown near the coast. again only a couple of degrees. upper 70s. a very, very low 80s. we are get to go that time of year where we are running out of daylight and the nights are longer. still we are running above average. theres a little bit of a decrease in the offshore breeze, but it's still there for many. 80s on these temps and 70s. upper 70s, upper 70s, low 80s on the peninsula. wood side, redwood city, palo alto, they're all in there. sunshine. i think the coast will come down. it will still be nice.
5:20 am
just not as warm as it is now. >> thank you, steve. the left hour deal it avert a u.s. government debt default boosted stock markets across asia overnight. but in europe stock markets broke five day streak. most indexes across europe are down slightly right now. that's after congress agreed to end the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling, but failed to come up with a longer-term solution. that could be why the futures are down here in the u.s. as well. you can ski a very big day by the close yesterday with the dow up 200 points. nasdaq and s&p 500 also posting decent gains. right now the futures indicate a drop across the board. the dow, the nasdaq, and the s&p 500. facebook has loosened its privacy roles for teenagers. they have changed the privacy settings to allow them to post their pictures, videos and other social activities around the world. teenagers had been prevented from such public sharing unless they lied about their age. the move is viewed as a way for
5:21 am
facebook to keep up with competitors such as twitter and google+, which allow teens to post to a broader audience yens. crime is on the rise in one oakland neighborhood. why people say they feel neglected by police. >> he received top honor from the president this week. the reason the government is now apologizing to this war hero. [ male announcer ] it is more than just a new car...
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welcome back to the ktvu morning news. ed louder has died following a battle with a rare form of cancer. he was 7 had years old. you may not know his name but you have probably seen his face. he appeared in dozens of tv shows over the past 40 years from kojak to "grey's anatomy." he also appeared in a number of pop lay movies including the longest yard with burt reynolds. you may have seen him in the oscar-winning movie the artist. the u.s. is apologizing to a war hero this morning. william swenson received a medal of honor this week from president obama, but defense secretary chuck hagel just apologized to swenson for mistakes that delayed the award ceremony which included losing his nomination. swenson was given the medal of honor for what was seemed his selfless action during a battle in afghanistan in 2009 which he saved the lives of other soldiers. the medal delay was swenson
5:25 am
created a firestorm for complaining afterwards that his call for help was rejected by superior officers. it is a survey that will scare some business owners. the national retail federation says fewer people plan to celebrate halloween this year. those who will celebrate halloween say they will spend last than they did last year. the survey found nearly $7 billion this year will be spent on costumes, candy and decorations, but that's about $1 billion less than last year. here in the bay area we found one local retailer that is bucking the trend. >> this weekend it will get much busier in the stores. but it started last weekend. >> analysts say the national drop in halloween spending is likely collected to general uncertainty about the economy. 5:25. a dmv crackdown on people abusing disabled placards resulted in hundreds of [ inaudible ] around california.
5:26 am
the dmv says investigators staked out schools, parking lots and other areas where the agency had received complaints. a total of 241 citations were written statewide, including 25 of them in the bay area. fines range from 250 to $1,000. coming up, two south bay massage parlors busted for prostitution. what is happening now with these two businesses in a story you will see only on 2. we're live in oakland where a speeding car crashes into a warehouse. we'll tell you why the suspect may is been running away. good morning. right now we are looking at traffic that is it doing pretty well on highway 24 between walnut creek and oakland. we will tell you more about where it's going to get heavy. clear skies again. temperatures will be warming up. but will they be as warm as the past couple days or will some of that fog cool us down? we will have the forecast. ♪
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. this is a live look in oakland where a suspected car thief is injured after ramming his car into this car storage fas itty there in oak. lots of damage, as you can see. jeanine dela vega will have a live report in a few minutes. thursday, october 17. i am brian florez he is in for dave clark. >> i am pam cook. time is 5:30. steve has the weather. is it going to be still pretty nice by the weekend? >> it will, indeed. >> good. >> brian, yes, it looks pretty
5:30 am
good. maybe a slight cooldown by the close. kind of hazy now. we lose a little bit of that breeze. overall, if you have enjoyed the past couple days, you will like today. there might be a little bit of a wind shift ever so slightly to the west, although he can't really find it in san francisco yet. it's still very slightly cooler today. may be just kind of like a couple of degrees. 40s and 50s. 59 in san francisco. a drop of 10 for redwood city. 43 santa rosa. it will be a little cool. a tricky forecast. there is a couple locations already in the low 60s. a system clipped us yesterday. it was a non-event. it's out of here. sunny. those clouds look like they will dive towards southern california. slightly cooler by the coast. mild to warm and temperatures again close to where they have been this whole week. upper 70s or low 80s. steve, good morning. we have looking good so far anyway as we look at the commute. i want to show you the san
5:31 am
mateo bridge. that traffic is moving along very nicely as you drive through on the san ma ta he bridge. there are no major problems there. the morning commute looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound. it is a nice drive. it's very light so far. i want to mention concord and walnut creek, highway 4, you can see there is a little bit of red indicating slow traffic. the rest is green, which means the traffic is looking good even from concord to walnut creek. no major problems. by the way, if you are driving in this area of hayward, 580, 238, highway 92, that traffic is off to a good start. it's 5:31. back to the desk. >> sal, thank you. they are still talking. marathon negotiations between bart management and union leaders that began yesterday morning are still going on at this hour. once again there is no strike and still no deal. bart and its largest labor unions say they are going to keep talking with a goal of finally reaching a contract agreement. last night a federal mediator stepped to the podium to announce bart trains will run
5:32 am
while the two sides continue to talk. >> negotiations have been continuing. the parties are totally engaged. some progress has been made and the parties have authorized me, as they had on the two prior nights, to advise that on their interest and for the good of the public interest trains will be running for the day tomorrow. >> union leaders warned these talks could still break down, however, and there is still a real threat of a strike that would, obviously, paralyze the bay area commute. we will have more on the negotiations at the top of the hour. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. we will monitor the ongoing bart talks. you can get updates on the air, online, and on twitter and facebook. we are also following developing news this morning. a suspected car thief accused of ramming a car into a warehouse is in the hospital following a scuffle with police. ktvu's janine dela vega live in oakland to show us the damage and to tell us who this
5:33 am
started. good morning. >> good morning, brian. we are here at mlk and 29th street where you can see police are on the scene. they are about to wrap up their investigation. i want to show you some of the damage here inside this warehouse. this metal door has been completely torn down and there are some smashed up cars in here. this was a car storage facility. a car caused all this damage. now, that car has been towed away. but here's some video that we took earlier. it's a white chrysler new yorker that an officer spotted just after 3 a.m. speeding near west street and west mcarthur. he saw it turn down a side street. the officer then heard an alarm activate. he followed the sound and that's when he found that the suspect car had crashed into the warehouse. the suspect was trying to run away. the officer yelled some commands for him to stop and that's when the suspect didn't follow those instructions and the officer
5:34 am
tased him. the suspect was then taken to a local hospital. >> it's unknown the exact reason why he was traveling so fast. but he -- the car did come back stolen. >> reporter: well, the warehouse where the crash occurred is again a storage facility for cars. you do see that there are a few cars that got smashed up. the manager is here now waiting to have a new door installed and make sure to secure the business. as far as the suspect goes, we don't know his identity. all we're being told by police is that he is an adult male and he will face charges of hit-and-run as well as possession of a stolen vehicle. reporting live from oakland, janine de la vega. a san francisco police officer is accused of hanging out at home on the taxpayers' dime. the "san francisco chronicle" reports a neighbor of officer
5:35 am
ronald gehrke told police the officer's patrol car was parked at home a little too offer. undercover officers saw the 19-year veteran spend several hours at his home during his shift. that led to ten counts of public money. he faces a year in jail. he has a court date next thursday. a former oakland police officer is being commended for helping a mother find her lost cellphone. coming up at 5:45 why that cellphone was so important to her and how the officer went out of his way to find it. time now is 5:35. uc berkeley police are putting more officers on campus to deal with a sudden rise in armed robberies. police say there have been five robberies or attempted robberies on and around campus in less than a week. on tuesday two men demanded a student's backpack. one of them had a gun. last sunday three men tried to take another student's backpack. and on saturday a man took a student's phone at gunpoint. last thursday a robber stole another student's phone and an armed man assaulted a woman
5:36 am
after demanding money. uc berkeley law school graduate will have to complete a six-month boot camp as punishment for killing an exotic bird in las vegas. prosecutors say 25-year-old justin teixiera beheaded the bird at the flamingo hotel during a drunken escapade last year. after the boot camp the felony may be reduce it had to a misdemeanor. he may never be able to practice law if the felony stays on his record. people in north oakland say they are frustrated after learning plans for extra police protection have fallen apart. armed robberies are up 34% from a year ago. police were planning to assign a crime reduction team to north oakland to help lower crime in that area, but now police say the north oakland team will be working mostly in east oakland. >> simply, it was the level of gun violence in east oakland. the murders and the shootings. >> what we want is faster reaction to things that are
5:37 am
important. armed robbery. burglary seems to be important. but it's not fast enough response. >> police say focusing their efforts in the most violent part of oakland should lead to a drop in crime throughout the city. now, some people in oakland considering other options to keep their neighborhoods safe. residents plan to hire private security companies for patrols. that talk is set tonight at 7:00 at the faith presbyterian church on 49th street. we are told that the public is invited it attend. for a story you will see only on 2. two south bay massage parlors cited for undercover police stings are back in business. those massage parlors were busted for prostitution, but now they're reopened as beauty salons. they have new names and new owners. however, campbell police say the complaints have not stopped. >> we're continuing to get the same complaints that we received before, being that men were going inside the business and parking away from the business
5:38 am
to seem to avoid any connection with the establishment. >> ktvu news was unable to reach either the new owners to respond to these new accusations. a lawsuit against the morgan hill school district for telling students not to wear american flag sister shirts on cinco de mayo will be heard by a federal appeals court in san francisco today. back in 2010 three boys at live oak high school were sent home for wearing clothing featuring the american flag. school officials said they is it because of trouble between students and mexican-americans the previous year. the parents of the boy sued the school district. time now 5:38. city college of san francisco says students who owe the school will not be allowed to enroll in classes until all of their debts are paid. the policy will be enforced starting november 12th. students are already supposed to pay their fees when they register, but the board says the policy has not been enforced.
5:39 am
the school says about 9,000 current students owe the school about $5 million. students say the policy will be another blow to the school's enrollment, which dropped after the school lost its accreditation. all of the national parks and monuments are back open, including alcatraz. paul chambers is in san francisco this morning with the impact that the shutdown has had on the bay area. paul. >> reporter: good morning, pam. people are going to be very happy, extremely because guess what? just moments ago, they were blocking the pathway right here. that leads to christie field. the police removed it moments ago. we have video, if we can go to that right now. you can see they were removing the barricades right here. that happened within the last two minutes. the park is going to be officially reopen. they are opening all the fences in the park. this video of alcatraz.
5:40 am
tours to the rock will resume today. alcatraz, mere woods and parts of gold en gate park were closed during the shutdown. since congress reached a short-term budget resolution it will be reopened at all of these areas, including alcatraz island today at 8:45. that's when that will be reopened. of course, bay area residents will be able to check into accommodations at yosemite starting at noon. live once again, christie field, these barricades behind me were just moved out of place. the park will be officially open once daylight happens in this area. so people will be able to use the park once again after the federal shutdown comes to an end. so a lot of people will be very happy to use these open spaces in the national parks again. we will try to talk to people out here to see how excited -- maybe i am just the one excited. maybe they are, too. well, while heavy activity is expected this weekend at the national parks, it is important
5:41 am
to note the government agencies will also be fully back ep . for example, the ntsb has delayed all of its investigations which included the asiana sfo crash iniam. nearly 18 now people work for nasa, they were furloughed. they will now return to work. a few days ago they held a demonstration. on the flip side, the irs will now resume audits. maybe not good news for some people. more than 85,000 irs workers were furloughed, which postponed activities including audits, examination of returns and many taxpayer services. other people were annoyed by the do not qual registry. that website said, sorry, we're down. >> overall good people are back to work. >> yeah. time now 5:41. coming up, buses still running in the east bay this morning. why an ac transit strike is on hold and where labor negotiations stand now. a shark sighting off the southern california coast.
5:42 am
look at that. we will have more of that amazing video. tell you who shot that and where it was. good morning. we are looking at traffic getting a little bit busier now on the bridge itself and also at the toll plaza. another very calm morning. maybe cold for some, but warm for others. especially in san francisco. we will cool down a little bit today. we will stay near the 70s and 80s.
5:43 am
5:44 am
welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. 5:44 is the time right now. a man is in custody following a two and a half hour standoff with police in san jose. investigators say it began with a dispute between the suspect and his mother at their home. officers arrived and blocked off surrounding streets. eventually, the man surrendered and was taken away. police say he had a weapon and
5:45 am
there were other family members in the house, but that no one was injured in the incident. lawmakers in ohio want to give ariel castro's kidnapping victims financial help for what they have been through. a bill passed on the ohio house of representatives would give amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight $25,000 a year for each year they were held captive. that would include tuition, fees, and living expenses at a state university. the money would come from a state victim's fund. castro was found dead in his jail cell last month. well, the older sister of the accused boston marathon bomber is in court on a separate case. she is accused of leading police in a counterfeiting organization. prosecutors say she picked up a person in her car who passed out counterfeit money at a boston mall three years ago. when questioned about it, officers say she was uncooperative.
5:46 am
her brother is facing terrorism charges. details today on a panel that will study the possibility of legalizing marijuana in california. the aclu says they are holding a news conference in san francisco tomorrow and will release new public poll numbers showing support for legalized pot. a uc davis police sergeant and former oakland police officer went out of his way to help a mother find a lost phone. when sergeant walter watt heard that the woman lost her phone it wasn't anything new until he found out what was on that phone. the phone is filled with pictures and videos of the woman's son who is now in a coma at uc davis medical center after suffering an aneurysm. watt decide today check surveillance video at the hospital and was able to track down her phone. >> she cried. >> when he came in to bring the phone back, he just kind of rebuilt up our hope.
5:47 am
you know, there is always hope for everything. >> now, before becoming a uc davis police sergeant watt worked as an oakland police officer for 15 years. well, there are concerns about the water in one city in placer county off the highway to lake tahoe. some routine water samples tested positive for bacteria in parts of auburn. local authorities have issued a boil water order despite the fact no illnesses have been reported. we are a little more than a week away from the opening ceremony of the famed mavericks surf contest and the event has a new sponsor. contest founder jeff clark says surf brand body glove has agreed to a multi-year sponsorship. the contest, which against next friday, brings big wave surfers from around the world it to maverick's break off the san mateo county coast. >> he is checking me out. oh my god, right on the board. >> that's right.
5:48 am
some thrilling moments for a paddle border in southern california. what was believed to be a shark, possibly a great white, swam right up to him. the shark was one of two spotted yesterday in the waters off manhattan beach in l.a. county. the paddle border says he decided to get his camera after he saw the first shark. >> i like to live on the edge. i like to surf good size waves and do things that scare me a little bit. it makes me feel alive. when i saw the shark i was like, oh, there it is, that's the footage i wanted to get. i will pursue this shark a little bit. i didn't know he would pursue me. >> pam cook shaking her head right now. the paddle border says the whole experience left him shaking like a leaf. >> hey, i will get my camera and go back out. >> you know, let's talk about frank for a second. frank sometimes will drive by
5:49 am
like a news event when he is off work. i will to the same thing. that's why we're in this business. >> a news event might be different than a shark. >> it might be. good morning, everybody. i get it though. you're curious. you want to see. good morning, everyone. let's go out and take a look at highway 24 westbound as you come up to the caldecot. no major problems, bishop the way -- by the way. our newsroom tweeted that there is a huge fire in redwood city. i have been hearing about it. go to ktvu's twitter site. we have more. but a large apartment fire on woodside road. we will have more on it. our crews are on the way. we will give you live pictures. i am listening also to it on the police radios. it sounds pretty bad. this is at the terrace apartments in redwood city on woodside road. four alarms. that took off rather quickly. our chopper is also on the way. westbound bay bridge about a five-minute delay at the toll
5:50 am
plaza. no problems here on highway 92 getting across to the peninsula. again, we are going to update you on that breaking news on this huge fire that we're hearing about in redwood city. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. a very good morning. yes, yes, yes. but not much of a breeze. there is a little bit of patchy fog trying to work its way in. i tell you, i think it's going to lose out. sunshine today. it will be nice to warm. maybe a little cooler. a little bit of high pressure still. as we say, large and in charge. it's getting to that time of year year the nights are longer, day is shorter. doesn't mean we won't have 70s to low 80s again. 40s for some. 59 in san francisco. i keep seeing an easterly component. there are a few low 60s in san francisco as well. santa rosa 41 for a low. 43 right now. they will be in the low 80s again. i mean, the differences for the morning lows and the afternoon highs are a good 35, almost
5:51 am
40 degrees. pretty amazing. 29 in tahoe. 24 ukiah. sacramento at 47 degrees. monterey 54. yesterday at this time i think they were 63. a little cooler. the foggy is out there. just not close enough. there is an easterly breeze. as long as that's in place, unless it turns, that will continue. i am going to take you on a journey here. typhoon that just hit japan, tokyo, is heading towards the bering sea. this is a tremendous amount of energy which will come across the pacific. we will see if that plays into a change for our weather in five or seven days. forecast models never handle that energy well. for us though today sunny. it will be nice. maybe a little haze around the edges. slightly cooler coast but still pretty good. just not as nice the last couple of days. i think a lot of 70s or upper 70s and low 80s. temperatures seem to be stuck here. oakland, san jose, brentwood, oakland temperatures, san jose
5:52 am
82, santa cruz 80. a lot of 80s on the peninsula or 70s on the coast and near 80 again. a few degrees, maybe a hint or two of some fog. it is a dry pattern for a while. >> thank you, steve. a non-profit group that provides mortgage relief it to struggling homeowners begins a five-day event in oakland this morning. it is called neighborhood assistance corporation of america. yesterday it held a kickoff event on the steps of oakland's city hall to promote a program designed to help people modified their loans. apple reportedly reducingrd for the iphone 5c in favor of stepping up the production of the more expensive 5c. sources tell the "wall street journal" that contractors making the 5c have seen orders cut 20 to 30%. analysts say the 5c only cost $100 less than the higher end 5s, buyers are opting to go with the more expensive phone. coming up, they are dangers
5:53 am
of air pollution. new classification coming out today and its link to cancer. follow-up from the meteorite that was over russia in february. the mistake that was made during the recovery.
5:54 am
to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at so yso you can happily let the grlife get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have
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good morning. this is a live picture of a structure fire in redwood city. our chopper is there. apparently our chopper is sending over a sound tone. these are live pictures from news chopper 2. a fire at an apartment complex at 926 woodside road, redwood city, near union avenue, a couple blocks south of el camino real. this has gone to a fourth alarm. this means firefighters from all over san mateo county are now arriving on the scene. it was first described as having people that were injured, although we have not confirmed that. we are working to confirm this thick black smoke rising into the sky. woodside road to closed for several blocks around this major
5:57 am
apartment complex. we will stay with this. we will have more details in the next hour of the morning. again, four-alarm fire redwood city. this is 926 woodside road. we are there. our ground crews are arriving on the scene and we will have more information coming up. >> sal, thank you. meantime, scientists recovered what may be a giant chunk of the meteorite that crossed over russia. the entire piece weighed more than 1200 pounds. it broke apart when they dredged it up. it made a spectacular show as you saw there as it raced across the southern sky there. it was estimated to be as powerful as 20 hiroshima atomic bombs. air pollution is now officially labeled as a cause of cancer. today the world health organization added cancer to the list of serious health risks posed by air pollution. specifically, they say that the more people are exposed to air pollution the higher risk of
5:58 am
developing lung cancer. they say people who live in developing countries with large populations and booming manufacturing industries are particularly at risk. . >> ed to the city and parks recreation will consider bids for the monument on telegraph hill. it will call for renovation on the inside and outside of the 210-foot tower. it was built knack 1933. coming up in the 6:00 hour, they are talking after nearly 20 hours. >> marathon negotiations between bart management. union leaders. good morning. we have a huge structure fire in redwood city. look at these flames racing out of a building, an apartment fire on woodside road in redwood city. these are live pictures. this fire has just gone to a fourth alarm and it is definitely not under control.
5:59 am
we have ground crews on the scene. we will have more on this coming up.
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